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At the Alliance, our focus is on making an impact. We effect change, move the needle, expand horizons. This work is fulfilling, challenging and dynamic, and our collaborative culture prioritizes equity and transparency. We were founded in 2010 with the goal of improving the expertise of those working in the child welfare system. Read about our purpose and history here.

Read more about our Values and how they appear in our work here.

If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to join us.

Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and communities, which is evidence of the value we place on lived experience. To learn more about us, visit our Staff page

And in addition to all of that, as part of the University of Washington, one of the nation’s premier educational and research institutions, we offer amazing benefits.

When the Alliance does not have open positions, we encourage you to look at the University of Washington job listings.

You can also see job postings from our partners at DCYF, UW Tacoma and Eastern Washington University.

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Inclusive Practice

At The Alliance, a foundational part of our mission is to “provide anti-racist, culturally relevant, trauma-informed service.” To do that, we must exemplify that ethos within our organization. Our Values reflect this, highlighting Respect, Inclusion, Support and Engagement.

For us, anti-racism requires more than just words; it demands action. We reach out to the communities we serve for lived experience and perspectives and incorporate that into our internal development and the curricula we deliver. Equity analysis is embedded in our decision making, as we prioritize asking questions and being responsive as we learn throughout our processes.

We appreciate the complexities and interrelationships at play here. You cannot say you have equity if you are not diverse, and you don’t have belonging without inclusion. Elements key to our work such as accessibility, especially learner needs around content, are taken into consideration via this “equation.”  

We are not opposed to challenging conversations and invite varied points of view as we create and communicate. We also embrace a growth mindset, as an organization that values learning, and recognize that this work is a journey.

The Alliance employs trauma-informed practices to staff activities and works with each employee as a “whole person.” We engage staff across the organization in discussions focused on anti-racism, diversity and equity, at programs such as bimonthly Lunch and Learns, with the goal of encouraging curiosity, learning and understanding. The Leadership Team prioritizes “Conversations Around DEI” at its monthly meetings, leaving the floor open for current topics or ongoing exchanges. We strive for inclusion across interactions, offering accommodations for meetings and creating forums for input that span communications styles.

Above all, The Alliance shows up in this work foremost by being thoughtful and conscientious. We recognize that there is much opportunity to evolve, and that we will continue on that path only with the support and expertise of our entire team.

To read more about our commitment to diversity and equity, visit the Inclusive Practice page.

Accommodations requests

The Alliance is committed to making its hiring process accessible for everyone. Contact if you require an accommodation.

Open Positions

The Development Coach is responsible for integrating coaching activities, including Motivational Interviewing (MI) strategies to support the transfer of learning from classroom-based instruction as well as the on-going professional development of DCYF AA’s, Supervisors, staff as well as Tribal social workers with the aim of improving outcomes for children and family in Washington State. 

The Development and Facilitation Specialist designs, develops, delivers, and maintains curriculum and training materials/resources for identified audiences in caregiving and workforce field located throughout the state. Curriculum is developed to support both in-person and web-based training. Alliance DFS’s provide learning facilitation using in-person, online, and other innovative learning modalities. This position builds and maintains key relationships with agency and community partners and represents the Alliance in various meetings. This position requires working a flexible schedule of days, evenings and weekends.