Our Values

We hold up these Values as foundational to our practice of serving communities and families of Washington, and each other. We strive to live these Values as an organization and as individuals.

Read more about how we are embodying these Values here.

Respect: treating individuals, cultures, communities, organizations, and processes with esteem and importance. 

We show respect through:

  • Fostering positive partnerships with stakeholders
  • Committing to remain curious as to motivations that underly actions
  • Communicating in a transparent and responsive way that preserves the dignity of all parties
  • Affirming diverse cultural norms and values
  • Honoring tribal sovereignty
  • Adhering to timelines, budgets, policies
  • Thoughtfully giving and receiving feedback to continually improve our practice
  • Taking responsibility for our actions and inactions
  • Demonstrating appreciation for the talents, skills, and abilities of individuals, and recognizing the value of leadership that occurs at all levels
  • Being thoughtful stewards of our resources


Inclusivity: creating an environment that is accessible, welcoming to all, fosters a sense of belonging, and honors the immense value in diversity.

We demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity by:

  • Prioritizing anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices
  • Valuing knowledge and expertise gained through personal experience, community involvement, or intentional practice
  • Maintaining high standards of accessibility in terms of language, resources, and ability
  • Innovating in service of meeting needs
  • Utilizing trauma-informed practices and acknowledging trauma is central to the work we do
  • Modeling appreciation for different perspectives and recognizing the intrinsic value of each


Support: Providing opportunity for desired growth, offering assistance, and removing obstacles in order to enhance practice.

We embody support by:

  • Equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and values to manage and solve problems
  • Offering grace when mistakes are made while respectfully holding ourselves and others accountable
  • Creating space that enables interaction and collaboration, which promotes innovation
  • Celebrating growth in a variety of forms
  • Welcoming ongoing feedback at every level regarding improvements to policies or procedures as a way to contribute to organizational success, excellence
  • Intentionally seeking opportunities for employees to engage in work that is consistent with their strengths, skills, and values
  • Promoting the well-being of the populations that we serve, which in turn promotes the well-being of the populations served by them


Engagement: generating interest, involvement, motivation, connection, active participation, and collaboration.

We foster engagement by:

  • Providing training that is relevant, evidence-informed, trauma-informed and culturally aware
  • Modeling positive relationships for those we work with in the hope they can mirror that with their families and clients
  • Offering facilitation that changes to meet the needs of the audience
  • Using a strengths-based lens in our work; honoring individual contributions
  • Committing to collaborate with stakeholders and SMEs within The Alliance, within our partner organizations and within the larger community that we serve
  • Practicing the fundamental assumption that all individuals deserve to be seen, heard, valued and recognized
  • Working to build relationships with populations we serve that offer help and mentorship