Quarterly Report_Q4 FY2023

Program Updates

Program Managers Conference

The Alliance hosted this year’s Program Managers Conference on June 7 and 8 at Hotel Interurban.

There were 85 registered attendees and a 38% response rate.

  • 92% of attendees noted that the in-person setting was effective for connecting with others.  
  • General session topics included practice improvement, personal stories from youth who experienced foster care, change management, building allyship and a look at racial equity and social justice programming at DCYF.
  • Breakout content included leadership, navigating difficult conversations, and multiple sessions focused on self-care.
By the Numbers
Rating of in-person experience out of 6
Rating of experience accessibility out of 6
“Top 8 Reasons to Be Excited About Our Work”

— Highest-rated session, with speaker Amelia Franck-Meyer

“The opportunity to have time in-person to meet other program managers and network! To see people in person again brings home the fact that we are all a team and in this together for a common goal of serving our kids and families. It was a very unifying experience in my opinion.”

New data for 'Next Steps for Intake Staff in Their First Year'

The new course “Next Steps for Intake Staff in Their First Year” was launched in Fall 2022 and we are sharing now the initial data.

This course takes learners deeper into the intake world by advancing skills around Special Circumstance Intakes and also covers intakes related to providers, critical incidents, and legal issues related to intakes. 

By the Numbers
Overall Learner Experience score out of 5
Psychological safety score out of 5
Engagement score out of 5

"I learned that it was really important to use critical thinking skills and continue to develop safety assessment skills in order to make an effective screening decision because a screening decision is not based on a blanket rule or statement. It's more complex and case by case."

New CaRES Website Launches

In April, Alliance CaRES launched a website update. The new design makes it easier for DCYF staff to find help for caregivers, and for caregivers to find information about events and supports in their areas.  

In the two years since the CaRES program started, the team has been listening and taking notes on caregiver needs and translated that into a site that gets users to the resources they need in a minimal number of clicks.  

The goal was to make it simple for caregivers to find resources without needing to know exactly what they’re looking for. Pages are now organized regionally so caregivers can see everything available in their area, alongside a new calendar feature that makes planning even easier.  

This new design follows the program’s mantra: When it comes to CaRES, all you have to do is “just refer them!” and we’ll take it from there.  

Please continue sharing CaRES’ information with all caregivers and directing them to AllianceCares.org to get started.  

Training Summary

Learners participating in instructor-led training
Learners taking a training for first time this quarter
Unique caregiver learners*
Unique workforce learners*
Workforce Completions for Q4 FY2023
Caregiver Completions Q4 FY2023

* A unique learner is each individual learner who has taken any class this quarter, whereas the total number of learners will count a learner each time for each course they complete. The number of unique learners includes eLearning learners.