Peter Waterman

Peter Waterman, MS

Development and Facilitation Specialist

Peter Waterman was born in Northern Idaho and raised in Newport, Wash., and has worked for the State of Washington for 10 years. Peter graduated from Central Washington University 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law & Justice, and a minor in Psychology.  In 2018 he graduated with a Master of Science in Family and Child Life from Central Washington University with a specialization in social work.

Peter started his career with Juvenile Rehabilitation after completing an internship at Parke Creek Community Facility where he worked as an on-call security staff, graveyard security, and then a residential counselor. In 2017 Peter started his career as a child and family welfare services social worker in the Ellensburg office. He worked in Indian & Child Welfare in Spokane for year before transitioning to the Newport Office in 2019. While working in the Newport Office, he transitioned to a generalist position where he worked all program areas before joining Alliance in July of 2023.

His areas of interest are rural social work, behavioral rehabilitation services, juvenile rehabilitation, de-scalation and engaging difficult clients, cultural inclusivity, Indian & Child Welfare, and adopted children that re-enter care. Peter is passionate about engaging families and helping at risk youth and teens launch into adulthood. Peter and his wife were a host home for Youth Emergency Services. He comes from a long line of educators and helpers, and has a (foster) sister that completed extended foster care.