Gracie Volyn

Gracie Volyn, MSW

Development and Facilitation Specialist

Gracie Volyn is a development and facilitation specialist for the Alliance. She will help develop curriculum and facilitate training and resource material for social workers and caregivers in the child welfare system. 

Gracie has a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Eastern Washington University and participated in the Child Welfare Training and Advancement (CWTAP) program. While studying in the MSW program, Gracie lived and worked at the Mukogawa US Campus, a college in Spokane for Japanese students. Before earning an MSW, Gracie also worked with foster youth at Sally’s House and in Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) group homes. She enjoyed working with the foster youth population, especially teens who were regularly on the run. 

After graduating, Gracie worked for the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) in Indian Child Welfare, Child and Family Welfare Services (CFWS). She then transitioned to Legally Free, also a CFWS position in the Spokane Central DCYF Office. While a CFWS worker, Gracie mentored several CWTAP students as an Agency Field Instructor. She hopes to bring her field experience into training and facilitation at the Alliance.