FamLink Try-it Independent Learning

In recommended order of completion.

Start working on these Independent Learning FamLink Modules during week 3 (Coach Tip: you’ll have plenty of downtime when others are participating in their Interview Simulations, this is a great opportunity to work through some of these FamLink modules). Plan to devote time to completing these throughout week 3, week 4, week 5 & week 6. Your Coach will be scheduling 1:1 Zoom sessions for IA/FARFA and CFE instruction during week 7, you can also cover any difficulties or questions you may have about any of these FamLink modules during that time. As you are working through the list below, it’s recommended you work through the modules in order (Coach Tip: Completing the Safety Assessment and Safety Plan Module will help you prepare for your Testimony Simulation near the end of week 3). Using Microsoft Edge you can access the FamLink Training Environment through the DCYF Intranet or this link: http://dshsaplcy3dst06.dshs.wa.lcl/famlink/login.do.

Log on as you would in FamLink production.