Christine Kerns

Christine Kerns
Christine Kerns, MSW

Regional Education and Training Administrator

Christine Kerns is a transformational leader with 20+ years of experience serving children and families with a focus on program and staff development; relationship building; and effecting sustainable growth strategies.

Christine has worked in nonprofit, state government and university settings in a variety of supervisory and project management roles. Her career has included social work, constituent relations and program administration positions where she focused on creating opportunity and minimizing barriers, for both staff and customers. She approaches staff development with an eye toward mentorship and professional education, helping create a more equitable employment environment and providing career mobility.

In her role at the Alliance, Christine oversees core curriculum development, which involves cross-departmental strategizing, project management, partner stakeholder engagement and third-party vendor coordination.

Christine received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Boise State University and her Master of Social Work degree from Eastern Washington University.