Contractor Trainers RFQQ

The University of Washington’s Alliance for Professional Development, Training, and Caregiver Excellence is currently recruiting Contractor Trainers.

This Request for Qualifications and Quote (RFQQ) is issued by the University of Washington to solicit proposals from Contractors interested in providing training Department of Children Youth, & Families staff (Social Service Specialists, Supervisors, and Area Administrators), Tribal staff, and Caregivers for children in the custody of the State of Washington for the University of Washington Alliance for Professional Development, Training, and Caregiver Excellence, on an as-needed basis.  


Contractors must possess, at minimum: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree, with a preference for an advanced degree or a required license/certification, if appropriate, to the specific topic; and 
  • Three years’ experience in the area of training for which they are bidding; and 
  • Three years’ experience in training groups of adults. 
  • In addition, Contractors shall have qualifications that are specific to the subject about which they are training, such as Master’s Degrees in Social Work, Master’s Degrees in a related field, or licenses for fields in which they purport to be a subject matter expert. 

Contractors must meet the following minimum qualifications: 

  • No history of founded child abuse or neglect allegations and agree to provide signed agreement requiring contractor to notify the Alliance of all child abuse and neglect or licensing allegations and investigations occurring during licensing and contract period; 
  • Must have knowledge about the approved Alliance competencies for Caregivers, Social Service Specialists, Supervisors; 
  • Must be willing to travel statewide to deliver trainings; 
  • Ability to prepare written materials; 
  • Ability to use electronic platforms for contracting and invoicing;
  • Available during standard business hours, evenings, and weekends as scheduled to meet the needs of the Department of Children, Youth, & Families and Tribal staff as well as Caregivers;
  • Experience providing learning opportunities and working within diverse populations; 
  • The ability to conduct oneself with professionalism; and
  • Enthusiasm for the subject matter. 


Contractors must ensure their actions and curricular materials meet the following: 

  • Reflect cultural humility in dealing with diverse populations; 
  • Serve with professionalism and enthusiasm for the program and the Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles of The Alliance; 
  • Stay current regarding the foster care program, child welfare program, and the policies and procedures regarding relatives/kinship caregivers and informal caregivers; as well as Child Welfare practitioners;  
  • Be responsive to requests from the Alliance to update the Contractor’s curriculum as state laws and/or Department of Children, Youth, & Families policies change; 
  • Be able to support the Department of Children, Youth, & Families’ mission of protecting the health, safety, security and permanency for children in out of home placement;  
  • Support teaming and collaboration between caregivers and the Department of Children, Youth, & Families;  
  • Understand that classroom training is on an “as needed” basis and is not a guarantee of work under the contract. 

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 24, 2023  

View a summary of the RFQQ on the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) website (You must be logged in to WEBS to view the summary.)

Application process for Contractor Trainers

View a summary of the RFQQ on the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) website.

Application Process for Contractor Trainers 

1. Register on Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS): 

  • Enter your name when asked for company name 
  • Enter “1” for number of employees 
  • Only answer required fields 

WEBS registration and search tips

 2. Go to the Contractor Trainer Request for Quote  

  • Once logged into WEBS, go to “Search Opportunities” on the left menu bar of the WEBS homepage 
  • In “Filter by Government Organization” select University of Washington 
  • Select “Search”  
  • Select “Alliance Contractor Trainers”  
  • Select the RFQ attachment at the bottom, “RFP BC042623” for the application timeline and description of the services being requested 

The RFQ Coordinator is the sole point of contact in the University for this Procurement.  All communication between the Contractor and the University upon release of this RFQ shall be with the RFQ Coordinator, in writing, as follows:  

Benjamin Cory



Amendments to RFQ will be posted on WEBS. You will receive email notifications if there are amendments to view.